October Weigh In

Day 153

Wow, I had a big loss this month, I really did not expect it - I thought that I would be close to 200 pounds but did not even think for a minute that I would have smashed right through it! It's been over 20 years since I was last at this weight and at over 60 pounds lost, this is the most weight that I have lost, ever!! I only measured myself for the first time last month so I've lost way more than the 4.5 inches recorded but it will be interesting to see those measurement stats change over the following months. Bright Line Eating rocks!

Here are my stats for my fifth monthly check-in.

Start Weight 258 pounds
Previous Weight 209.2 pounds
Oct Weight 197.2
BMI 33.8 Obese
Total Weight Lost This Month 12 pounds
Total Weight Lost 60.8 pounds


Bust 43 inches
Left Arm 14 inches
Right Arm 13.5 inches
Waist 36.5 inches -.5 inch
Hips 46.5 inches -2 inches
Left Thigh 24 inches -1 inch
Right Thigh 24.5 inches -1 inch 
Total 4.5 inches lost

This month went by with hardly a struggle food…

What I'm Eating #1

Day 139

If you've read my other posts you'll know that I don't like to make things difficult for myself in the kitchen and am always on the hunt for quick, easy and (relatively, compared to my previous food choices) healthy meals. My kids love to eat pasta and tomato sauce with sausage, ground beef, meatballs, chicken or just vegetarian, so we usually have some form of this meal at least weekly.

Now, the best sauce is obviously a fresh, homemade one but I frequently use jarred sauce for ease, speed, and convenience. They love Paul Newman's Sockerooni sauce, which has all natural ingredients, i.e I can read and understand the short list of ingredients, but it does have sugar (no high fructose corn syrup in it though). So I went out in search of another choice that they would like but that didn't have any sugar at all added to it and I found two different sauces that passed their taste test and mine!

The first one I found at my local grocery store, Stater Bros. (in C…

September Weigh In

Day 132

Weighing myself only at the beginning of each month is really starting to pay off for me, I've not been tempted even once to jump on the scale and see how I'm doing. The not knowing how much weight I'm losing has encouraged me to not even try to negotiate in my mind any changes to my food plan. As far as I'm concerned, monthly weigh-ins are where it's at.

Here are my stats for my fourth monthly check in, I've also included measurements for the first time.

Start Weight 258 pounds
Previous Weight 217 pounds
Sept Weight 209.2
BMI 35.9 Obese
Total Weight Lost This Month 7.8 pounds
Total Weight Lost 48.8 pounds


Bust 43 inches
Left Arm 14 inches
Right Arm 13.5 inches
Waist 37 inches
Hips 48.5 inches
Left Thigh 25 inches
Right Thigh 25.5 inches

I'm very close to a fifty-pound loss now, which is nudging in the right direction to the half way point of my goal weight of roughly 145 pounds, or wherever around there feels good and right. 145 pounds for my height…

Why I Only Weigh Myself Once a Month

Day 118

One of the biggest discoveries that I've made recently related to my relationship with food, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, is that the worst thing that I can do is to weigh myself daily or even weekly. Apparently, my emotions are a slave to the slightest minuscule raising and lowering of the number on the scale, which inevitably leads to overeating. The best thing that I ever did this time around is to make a promise to myself to only weigh-in once per month. I'm so done with scale anxiety and I can tell you, it's working for me.

Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale - I bought (and really like) this one on Amazon

At first, it was hard to break up with my scale. Those first few weeks where you lose all the water weight and you have some big losses, I wanted to check in, see how I was doing. I wanted confirmation that the plan was working for me. I stuck with it though and trusted (however grudgingly at first) that my plan was …

Getting Started

Day 104

So, the big 5 0 is getting closer, less than a year now - it's going to be all downhill from here on isn't it? That's what they say. Well, I have other plans for my fifties I can tell you. Three months ago I was stressed over my health, very overweight (ok I'll be honest - very obese) and riddled with anxiety about where my overeating and poor diet was going to lead.

Today I'm marginally less stressed over my health, still very overweight (ok, ok very obese) but a little less riddled with anxiety about my overeating and poor diet and where it's all going to lead. Which to be honest with my family history will be, let's see now....heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, amputations and lots more (you can see now why I'm so anxious can't you?).

Somehow in the midsts of a mega meltdown about how awful everything was and frantically asking google how I could get better, how I could help myself to not overeat - in the middle of all this I c…